TRM guitar cabs
I have been an avid woodworker for over 25 years and I also love to play guitar and I know how important a good sounding rig is. I've heard a lot of people commenting on the old Fender guitar cabs and how the pine construction gives a bigger and warmer tone then the more standard birch plywood cabs with dadoed or butt joints. So, I decided that since I love a great sounding cab and I happen to have years of woodworking experience that I would build one for myself. I was amazed by the difference in the midrange frequencies produced by the pine. You can even hear it resonating when using a palm sander on it. I've also built a few birch plywood cabs and they don't sing like that when sanding. So, now I'm building these cabinets for other people that enjoy a big warm vintage sounding speaker cabinet with as much attention to detail as if it were going to be mine.
Thank You.

Me with my white homebrew LP copy.
A stack of cabinets under construction in my shop.
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