Here are some samples of some of my custom creations and some clones of popular classic cab designs. You'll also see some of my cabs that were finished by customers. 
Custom amber dyed with cane cloth for a customer
Two-tone with oxblood w/stripe grill
Black tolex with wood front panels
Fender style with silverface style cloth
Peavey 115 combo cab
DDD style. Side vents for a surround sound
custom head and cab made for Headyfest amps
112 kickback cabinet. Can also be used upright 
Small amp finished by customer
unfinished Fender Twin head cab 
Peavey Delta Blues converted to head cab.
Hard Trucker 112 cabinet
Ceriatone Overdrive Special head cab
Hard Trucker 212 cab
Lightning bolt rear panel
Fender Princeton replacement cabinet.
Tweed style 115 finished by customer
Ceriatone ODS head cabinet
                          3D 112 CABINET
I built this to add to my personal collection. What a huge sound from such a small 112. I wish I had built one years ago when I first learned of this design. This famous design has oblong ports cut into the sides of the cabinet giving a 3D room filling effect. The original was made from heavy plywood. I made mine from a lighter weight pine which has more focus in the lower mids. This cabinet is 21"w x 17-1/2"h x 13" deep. 
In its unfinished raw form.
Finished in black tolex, black grill and hardware.